About TEAM

TEAM™  is ISSI’s main product and the primary focus of our company. The predecessors to TEAM™, SOCMAN and Matchmaker™ Business to Business Appointment Scheduling systems were both developed in 1992 as UNIX based applications. SOCMAN and Matchmaker™ were re-engineered in theMicrosoft ASP environment as the TEAM™ Event and Association Management system and released in the spring of 2002.

TEAM™ is a complete software solution for event and association management. TEAM™ manages all the critical information of every company or person of interest to an association.

TEAM™ provides an integrated solution for event and association management, ensuring that members, delegates and administrators all have access to the same up-to-date information. Furthermore, use of a single system for event and association management simplifies contact management and ensures your database remains complete and accurate. Because it is so efficient, TEAM™ will allow you to spend less time dealing with information technology and more time serving your members and delegates.

TEAM's Features

Core Modules

TEAM's many features make it the most flexible and comprehensive system on the market.  TEAM's core modules provide all the basic administrative features necessary for both event and association management. Additionally, more specialized event and association management capabilities are provided by additional plug-in modules. Because of the modular nature of the TEAM™ system, you pay only for the components that you will use.

Event Management

The TEAM™ Event Management System is capable of handling all aspects of event planning from registration to post event surveys. [ Read More ]

Appointment Management

Matchmaker™ is a particular strength of TEAM. Events have been scheduled using this system since 1992, and the current version of Matchmaker is flexible enough to handle the most complex scheduling events.  [ Read More ]

Association Management

Association management is a key strength of the TEAM™ system as it provides a powerful set of tools for managing your members' information. [ Read More ]


The TEAM Difference

The TEAM difference is our focus on the client, making sure you are getting the most out of the system and providing constant support in all areas of the event.

Client & Technical Support

At ISSI, we pride ourselves on our client support.  All client contracts include training and technical support hours to ensure you learn how to effectively use TEAM™.  You will be assigned to a dedicated account manager who will learn the ins and outs of your event and is able to assist you through-out the process of your event: from setting-up your event in TEAM to onsite during your event.  In addition, we provide regular training webinars  that address topics of interest to our clients free of charge.

Professional Expertise

With so many events under our belt, we have had the opportunity to develop a large knowledge base on best practices in the trade show industry.  We use this knowledge to help our clients solve problems and offer solutions.  Do you have a trade show issue that needs resolution?  Talk to us- chances are we’ve seen this problem before and we can offer some suggestions.