Appointment Management Software

TEAM is the foremost business to business appointment management software with 20 years of experience and well over 1 million appointments scheduled.  Appointments are our particular strength and our appointment scheduling system is:


It can handle virtually any setup you want-  from the simplest to the most complex.


Delegates are automatically matched based on their preferences and parameters set by you.


Because delegates are automatically matched, delegates don’t have to waste time accepting or rejecting each request for each time slot.

With TEAM we offer:

  • Almost unlimited appointment setup options, powerful administrative tools and an easy to use easy to use appointment request module for delegates. [ Read More ]
  • An online directory that allows delegates to determine who they want to see based on demographic data.
  • Insta-Match Appointment Scheduling and Messaging System that delegates can use to make last minute appointments and send messages to other attendees. [ Read More ]
  • TEAM Mobile- an easy to navigate Smartphone web app that includes the Insta-Match Appointment Scheduling and Messaging System. [ Read More ]