Insta-Match Appointment Scheduling and Messaging

The Insta-Match Appointment Scheduling and Messaging System allows late registrants and delegates with few appointments to schedule more appointments.  Delegates can also contact each other through the TEAM Message Center.  It is similar to two delegates chatting and comparing their agendas to find a common time, but it is computerized.  It is usually used in conjunction with Matchmaker automatic scheduling.

  • Delegates can set preferences to receive messages in email or on cell phone
  • Message System facilitates the communication regarding appointments between delegates
  • Ability to print schedule at any time, showing any addition or cancellation of appointments
  • Search by company name, delegate name, registration type, company type and other profile information
  • Automatically sends notice if there is a cancellation, new appointment request, or appointment scheduled
  • Administrators can control delegate options for appointment scheduling, cancellations and blocking
  • Options to export schedules to word or excel for printing
  • Often used to schedule appointments during event
  • Can print out en masse ordered by booth number to pass out to delegates at their booths
  • Available in both Spanish and English
  • Can easily integrate sponsorship ads