Communications Module

The TEAM Communications Module is a very powerful and flexible tool that allows your company to communicate with your membership or any target audience efficiently and easily. With TEAM you have the ability to create custom and database-merged e-mails, correspondence letters, invoices and confirmations.

The Communications Module utilizes a WYSIWYG editor, with a look and feel similar to Microsoft Word, to allow straightforward creation and editing of custom e-mail templates without requiring any knowledge of HTML.

Our communications module contains a plethora of features which will meet your various communications needs.

  • Send emails to anyone within the database
  • Send marketing information to prospects
  • Share event updates and important information with delegates
  • Send email to companies or people attached to those companies
  • Send emails in batches or individually
  • Create and edit Communication templates
  • Use either custom input or HTML templates
  • Personalize Communications using any of our more than 100 merge fields
  • Filter so you can target specific groups of recipients
  • Insert images and links
  • Format your text
  • Link directly to a company’s online registration [ Read More ] or delegate’s passport [ Read More ] so that logging in is unnecessary
  • Track all communications sent, when and by whom using our communications log
  • Filter logs by date, template or target
  • Track bounced emails
  • Resend communications
  • Can Spam Act compliance
  • Run our communications reports for further analysis [ Read More ]
  • Supports multiple languages


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