Contact Management

TEAM’s contact management system permits easy administration of all of your contacts- association members, event registrants, prospects and other organizations of interest.  We can import your contacts to insure a smooth transition to the TEAM system.  Using TEAM, you can:

  • Filter contacts
  • Establish company to company relationships
  • Display all relationships within a company- person to company, person to person, parent company, child company
  • Deactivate people who have left the company
  • Deactivate companies that no longer exist
  • Transfer people between companies
  • Add new people to a company
  • Maintain personal contact information such as titles, nicknames and birth dates
  • List events attended
  • Specify dietary, language and special needs requests
  • Add notes with a time stamp
  • Store multiple addresses that can be different for a company and a person
  • Store financial information, communications, surveys, etc for each contact
  • Mark companies as tax exempt