Survey System

TEAM includes an easy to use web-based survey system allowing you to gather information and receive feedback from your members and delegates rapidly.  Data and  opinions are at your fingertips:

  • Allows you to ask an unlimited numbers of questions
  • A variety of answer types are available- conditional, standard, quizzing, and sub-forms
  • Permits a number of different response types- single choice, multiple choice, text, date, number, sliding scale, pull-down list, etc.
  • Provides for many different applications- profile information, post-event satisfactions surveys, focus groups, quizzes, volunteer sign-ups, etc.
  • All results can be viewed in real time
  • TEAM survey reports are available to help analyze results [ Read More ]
  • Results can be exported to Microsoft Excel or Access
  • Send survey invitations through the communications template [ Read More ]
  • Delegates can login to the online registration [ Read More ] or passport [ Read More ] to answer or updates surveys
  • Capable of providing surveys in multiple languages