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Why your trade show should use pre-scheduled appointments

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05Feb, 2019
Appointment Targets

Why your trade show should use pre-scheduled appointments

by Brigit Hassen, VP @Infinite Software Solutions, Inc.

Trade show planners are increasingly seeing a more competitive market.  Attendees typically have a number of events to choose from and pick those that they feel are most likely to return on their investment of time and money.

You can increase the value of your trade show to attendees by including appointment sessions. Attendees can pre-schedule appointments with representatives from companies they wish to meet with.  There are two main advantages that appointments offer attendees- efficiency and targeting.


Appointments allow attendees an efficient way to meet with other attendees they are interested in.  A few appointments with targeted prospects during the length of a trade show can accomplish what could otherwise take months of in-office visits.  Attendees don’t have to waste time looking for those prospects on a busy trade show floor or wait for a moment when that person is free.  Attendees will know the person they are meeting with actually has an interest in doing business and knows a little about them and what they do.


Trade shows can have hundreds, even thousands of attendees.  It can be hard to know which of them are actually interested in doing business.  With pre-scheduled appointments, attendees are able to target those companies by searching for them using criteria they are interested in. They know ahead of time who they have appointments with, allowing them to research those companies and better prepare their presentations.

In future blog posts, we discuss appointment setup options and what you should look for when deciding on appointment scheduling software.

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