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13Mar, 2019
Second to None Tech Support

What We Do

Infinite Software Solutions, Inc. (ISSI) is a well-seasoned web and applications development company founded in July 1988 and incorporated in Tennessee.  ISSI is a leader in the field of software design technology and is on the cutting edge of software and multi-media development and implementation. Beginning with just two employees, ISSI has since expanded its team to include multiple offices of programmers, development engineers, technical support professionals as well as designers and modelers.

Our experience and knowledge of browser technology was the catalyst that enabled ISSI to develop large scale push technology, browser applications for WebMD as well as develop the browser-based TEAM™ Event and Association Management System.

Our expertise is providing well-designed solutions through the development of Internet-based applications using Microsoft technologies. Years of browser-based application development such as the TEAM™ Event and Association Management System and development of two web browsers place ISSI in a unique position to deliver the most competitive and comprehensive solution to manage our client’s event management and appointment scheduling needs.

ISSI provides comprehensive business to business appointment scheduling and event management software to organizations. Our core group of clients is Associations, often in the Travel Industry. These clients use our software to manage their registrations and appointments for their conferences and/or events.

The appointment aspect is our niche market. We set up appointments between the different groups of attendees based on requests they submit of who they want to meet with. We do this using specialized software that takes into account parameters such as who has requested who, the priority of those requests and travel distance between appointments.

Our event management system collects registration information such as who is attending, booth sizes and numbers, activities, hotel reservations as well as appointment schedules.

We also provide association management software to be used in conjunction with the event management software, which collects information relating to membership, listings, subscriptions, and committees.

Our clients can email groups of people and collect demographic and marketing information from them using the communications and surveys modules.

Online tools allow event delegates and association members to manage their experience. They are able to submit the registrations online, edit contact and survey information, pay via credit card, view profiles of anyone attending the event to determine who they would like to request, create appointment requests and view and edit their appointment schedule.

The goal is to provide a one-stop-shop for all the client database needs.

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