Trade show, convention, and conference planners are operating in an increasingly competitive market. Attendees now have a plethora of events to choose from, and they carefully select those that promise the highest return on their investment of time and money.

Boosting Attendee Value with Appointment Sessions

To maximize the value of your trade show, consider incorporating appointment sessions. These sessions allow attendees to pre-schedule meetings with representatives from companies they wish to connect with. There are two key benefits that appointments offer attendees: efficiency and targeting.

Efficiency: Meeting the Right People, Maximizing Time

Appointments provide attendees with an efficient way to connect with other attendees of interest. A few targeted appointments during the course of a trade show can achieve what would otherwise require months of in-office visits. Attendees no longer waste precious time searching for prospects on a bustling trade show floor or waiting for a free moment. By scheduling appointments, attendees can be confident that the person they are meeting with is genuinely interested in doing business and possesses some knowledge of their company.

Targeting: Zeroing in on Relevant Connections

With hundreds or even thousands of attendees at trade shows, it can be challenging to identify those genuinely interested in doing business. Pre-scheduled appointments empower attendees to target specific companies by applying their own criteria for selection. Prior knowledge of appointment schedules enables attendees to research these companies in advance, allowing them to tailor their presentations and make a lasting impression.

What’s Ahead:

In future blog posts, we will delve into appointment setup options and provide guidance on selecting the right appointment scheduling software.

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By incorporating appointment sessions into your trade show, you can enhance the experience for attendees. Boosting efficiency and targeting not only saves valuable time but also ensures meaningful connections are made. Stay tuned for our upcoming posts, where we will guide you through appointment setup options and help you choose the ideal appointment scheduling software.