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About TEAM

TEAM is a complete software solution for event and association management. TEAM manages all the critical information of every company or person of interest to an association, including contact information, invoices, payments, relationships and surveys. Furthermore, TEAM can manage information for all association activities (such as membership, listings, subscriptions and committees) and all event activities (such as registrations, activities, appointments, booths and hotels). It also allows easy communication with contacts via e-mail or fax and has over 100 analytical reports that can be exported to Microsoft Excel or Word for easy data manipulation.

TEAM provides an integrated solution for event and association management, ensuring that members, delegates and administrators all have access to the same up-to-date information. Furthermore, use of a single system for event and association management simplifies contact management and ensures your database remains complete and accurate. Because it is so efficient, TEAM will allow you to spend less time dealing with information technology and more time serving your members and delegates.

All TEAM functions are accessed through an easy-to-use and user-friendly web-based interface. In fact, the system is so easy to use that delegates and members are able to make changes to their own records through their browser. These changes are then recorded in real time.

TEAM's Features

Core Modules

TEAM's core modules provide all the basic administrative features necessary for both event and association management. These features include user management, general ledger setup and interface, inventory, accounts receivable, relationships and contact management. Additionally, more specialized event and association management capabilities are provided by additional plug-in modules. Because of the modular nature of the TEAM system, you pay only for the components that you will use.

Association Management

Association management is a key strength of the TEAM system as it provides a powerful set of tools for managing your members' information. [ Read More ]

Event Management

The TEAM Event Management System is capable of handling all aspects of event planning from registration to post event surveys. [ Read More ]


TEAM includes an easy to use web-based survey system allowing you to gather information and receive feedback from your members rapidly. [ Read More ]


The TEAM communications module is a very powerful and flexible tool that allows your company to communicate with your membership or any target audience in a straightforward and efficient manner. [ Read More ]